BakerWilcox is an independent design agency with more than 20 years’ experience in the world of creative thinking. We work with international clients regardless of size and sector and deliver superior results for businesses and not-for-profit organisations worldwide.

We appreciate how fast-paced environments act as invaluable sources of creativity; however, we also recognise the potential for design-overloads to work as imminent distractions – creating worlds of imitation – rather than platforms where talent and design can evolve.

The speed at which the world is changing increases the importance of strong and adaptable design to reach an increasingly demanding audience exposed to an abundance of choice. Design is everywhere, however for us, superior design represents itself through bespoke platforms where communication, strategy, functionality and end-user experience remain at the forefront throughout the creative process.

Our work encompasses a multitude of projects and services. All projects are completed in-house and our clients deal directly with their designated designer. This allows for transparent dialogues where new ideas can be explored in an open forum and enable our team to deliver superior results while providing sound reasoning behind their approach. We are passionate about design and always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Nothing is impossible, the impossible is just another challenge and for us; every challenge has a creative solution.

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