COVID-19 is affecting us all; families, individuals, infrastructures and businesses – causing financial and emotional havoc in its trail. This is a global human health crisis, with real victims and real heroes fighting an invisible enemy. 

We are all making sacrifices, but little compares to those being made by our key workers on the frontline every hour of every day. They are the absolute backbone of our society, and we all need to acknowledge their pledge for us to stay at home. 

It is turbulent times for businesses as well. It is difficult to comprehend the sudden disruption to society’s infrastructure and digest the enormity of the financial consequences ahead. Our concerns are real, but in the midst of all the chaos, we find real hope, real care, real inspiration and a real sense of togetherness.

Everyone is adapting to the new “normal” to the best of their ability, and the team at BakerWilcox is no different. We have remained quiet for the last few weeks; assessing, adapting and working with clients to help navigate this unpredictable landscape. Fortunately, the nature of our industry means we are well equipped for remote working, are less reliant on face-to-face interactions and already host virtual client meetings on a regular basis. 

Although there is nothing “business as usual” about this situation, we are fortunate to still be designing, creating and delivering projects for our clients.

We are all in this together. Stay well and keep staying safe.