Lockdown is changing lives; it is changing how we feel, how we think and how we behave. The consequences are many folds, and for a world built on supply and demand, the uncertainty is unnerving. Our outlook will undoubtedly have altered once we resume our pre COVID lives, and consumer behaviour will change. Now is not the time to be complacent.

The focus is slowly shifting from ‘when lockdown will end’ to ‘how lockdown will end’ as we consider the transition and prepare for the future. Amid briefings, curves and numbers, people’s spirits are changing at record speed. The panic felt at the point of lockdown has developed into an unimaginable community effort with institutions, neighbourhoods and individuals all pulling together; working across industries, sharing responsibilities and embracing new challenges. Human resilience is inspiring.

Businesses all over the world are realigning their products and services to suit the current climate; whether it means introducing social distancing measures, contactless deliveries or virtual experiences. The list is endless, and it keeps going. BakerWilcox appreciates the importance of time in this setting and can react quickly – adjusting messages and updating campaigns – ensuring new measures and innovative ideas get the attention they deserve.

For some, the slower pace of lockdown is creating a moment of opportunity, providing breathing space to step back and take stock. If the situation allows, this could be a suitable time to review product offerings, brand focus and marketing plans. It might be daunting, but we can be on hand every step of the way and make sure the final result – actual or virtual – reflects your brand values and makes you feel ahead of the game.

We want to be part of the solution. Let’s create hope, defy statistics and shape the future!