Project Description

Ashdown Forest Tourist Association

Hospitality & Leisure

Editorial Design

Ashdown Forest is a flourishing tourism destination in the county of East Sussex, south of London. With its convenient location, stunning landscapes and rich heritage, it offers visitors a wide variety of adventures – including the famous ‘Pooh Sticks Bridge’, mentioned in ‘The House at Pooh Corner’ where Pooh and Christopher Robin learned to play ‘pooh sticks’. Ashdown Forest Tourist Association aims to promote the local area in every way possible by providing a complete online visitors’ guide with historic highlights, details of its geographical importance and articles to support local businesses.

To better manage the process of organising the details to be included on the map, the initial illustration was produced in layers. The information required was then added to the corresponding layers to ensure the final layout could be easily managed by the client should it need future adaptations.

It was also essential that any improvements made would be beneficial to the end-user – whether English speaking or not – so care was taken to ensure the new design was user-friendly. Never again would anyone be lost on their way to play Pooh sticks on Pooh bridge.