Project Description

Big Group / G. Baldwin & Co

Manufacturing & Industrial


Big Group is a London-based marketing agency with expertise in performance marketing, customer experience and marketing technology enabling them to create cutting-edge ideas, immersive events and award-winning integrated campaigns.

G. Baldwin & Co is London’s oldest and most established Herbalist. George Baldwin opened his first herbalist store on Walworth Road, South East London in 1844, and the store still captures the nostalgic atmosphere of its origins; with wooden floors, old counters and shelves stacked with herbs, oils, ointments and natural remedies.

The fonts, layout and overall design were inspired by the Victorian era in line with G. Baldwin & Co’s herbalist heritage. With the European map in place, each country was populated with its most famous herbs to give an overview of the herbal usage on the European continent as well as their health characteristics.

The European Herb Map infographic formed part of a marketing campaign used on G. Baldwin & Co’s social media channels as well as being passed on to the press. The European Herb Map provided a useful resource showcasing the use of herbs in Europe, and both traffic and sales increased as users clicked back to the G. Baldwin & Co e-commerce site.