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Action Thriller

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Bullet is a 2014 action thriller, by award-winning writer and director Nick Lyon (Zombie Apocalypse, Punk Love). The cast members include the iconic Danny Trejo (Machete, Bad Ass, Sons of Anarchy), Jonathan Banks (Incredibles 2, Breaking Bad) and Derek Anthony (CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds).

Nearly retired Frank ‘BULLET’ Marasco (Danny Trejo) is known as a mean and ruthless undercover cop based in LA. After a drug’s bust he comes up against local drug barons. Neither party is backing down and the tension escalates with both the Governors’ daughter and his grandson being kidnapped. Frank ‘BULLET’ Marasco ends up taking the law into his own hands and no one can stop his relentless pursuit for revenge as he turns the streets of L.A. into a bullet-ridden bloodbath.