Project Description

Chain of Hope Gala Ball 2017


Brand Identity
Editorial Design
Environmental Design

Chain of Hope is a charity organisation working towards providing children with access to quality cardiac care in their own countries. This is achieved through a global network of volunteer surgeons and medical teams; whose specialist care prevent children from dying or remaining severely ill through potentially treatable or preventable cardiac diseases. The annual Chain of Hope Gala Ball is a large-scale event with world-class live entertainment and unique auction prizes providing a perfect fundraising platform for the charity.

Working with the annual Chain of Hope Gala Ball was an honour, and a great endorsement following the prior re-branding of the charity itself. The event required a sophisticated identity befitting to the evening and guests in attendance, so great consideration was taken to ensure the final product would suit the tone of the evening.

It was essential for the identity of the Gala Ball to capture the essence of the charity, and the final design was a unique fingerprint logo shaped like a heart – playing on the personal touch and work carried out by the network of volunteer heart surgeons across the world.

In addition to producing the creative identity of the event, the project included the management and delivery of printed invitations, brochures and event materials. Great care was taken to ensure the paper stock, printing techniques and materials used would suit the event touchpoints.