Project Description

Gaming Hall of Fame


Brand Identity

Gaming Hall of Fame is an online platform for organised, multiplayer video game competitions – known as esports – between professional players, individuals or teams. Esports is a significant factor in the video game industry with gaming developers actively designing and providing funding for tournaments. Gaming Hall of Fame is an online platform expertly adapted to suit the esports phenomenon.

Esport originates from the 1970s and has experienced wide-spread success in line with the evolution of the gaming industry. Gaming Hall of Fame was entering a highly competitive market with well-established platforms and loyal users so it was essential to ensure its identity remained simple but instantly recognisable to the masses.

The inspiration for the brand identity was found in the classic Atari game ‘Pong’ originating from 1972. Its historical significance would instantly appeal to the gaming industry and its association would position Gaming Hall of Fame as a serious contender.