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Green Poem Prints

Art & Culture

Brand Identity
Digital Design

Green Poem Prints is a collaborative collection of prints featuring poetry by award-winning Green Poet, Martin Kiszko and illustrations by four-time Oscar® winner, Nick Park.

This was a collaborative venture requiring a brand identity, print materials and an online platform which would capture the essence of the environmental issues being addressed in the prints and accompanying poetry. With the threat to natural resources being made real through an increased focus on sustainability, it was important for the visual presentation to appeal to a global audience.

The final product was an identity with typeface, fonts and colours which made it approachable and educational without being patronising. Materials were kept to a minimum and all printed materials were made from responsibly sourced timber. It was important to ensure the surrounds complimented the prints so all touchpoints were aesthetically aligned with the illustrative style created by the legendary Nick Park.