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Hammer Film Productions

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Digital Design
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Founded in 1934, Hammer Film Productions is a British icon and one of the oldest film companies in the world. It holds a historical significance within the film industry and helped define the horror genre. During its most successful years, Hammer dominated the horror film market and enjoyed worldwide distribution and considerable financial success – which was partly due to its partnerships with Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros. In addition to its horror portfolio, Hammer also produced science fiction, psychological thrillers, comedies, historical epics and television series. Despite increased competition, they are still making lasting impacts on popular culture with releases such as Jurassic Park, The Shawshank Redemption, Woman in Black and Let Me In.

The main focus of the project was the creation of an Information Memorandum, conveying the iconic history of the brand and presenting a unique opportunity for potential investors to be a part of Hammer Film’s future productions.

There were also supporting brochures and digital presentations outlining the core information of the investment opportunity and the ways for potential investors to apply.

The iconic imagery from the Hammer back catalogue provided a striking backdrop for the suite of materials required for this project. The historic significance of the images themselves required a sensitive approach to the design process to ensure the end products were uniting rather than alienating the audience.