Project Description

Hydrate Mate


Brand Identity
Digital Design

The world’s first electronic fuel gauge and app for hydration bladders, giving users the opportunity to monitor and maintain hydration levels on the move. The product was developed after keen ultra-runner, Andrew Saville experienced problems with tracking the liquid in his hydrate bladders during training runs and races. Empowered by his passion for running he set out to solve the problem and after years of research and physical trials, the Hydrate Mate was born. Although originally developed for professional runners, the product has since evolved and has received international accolades from unexpected industries, such as the military services.

This product was still a prototype when the brand identity work commenced however, market research had established that the uniqueness of the product was reflected in unusually varied target groups which were an important factor when developing its identity. The nature of the product required a flexible branding system that could be easily adjusted to suit its recipients, hence giving careful consideration to how the brand, the product features and the product benefits were presented.