Project Description

Real Deal Poker


Brand Identity
Digital Design
Environmental Graphics

At launch, in 2010 Real Deal Poker was The World’s only fully scalable real card dealing system for online play, delivering a fair game of cards online with auditable results of every hand dealt. Machines dealt the cards and the results were digitally dealt to every online table.

The brand identity was based around poker as a theme and the revolutionary new system on offer. The professional poker community is well-established and well-informed so a strong identity was key to garner their interest and receive a potential approval. The launch included former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, which was a great success.

The launch was an extensive marketing campaign and the new brand identity was applied to every touchpoint including; media walls, boxing rings, poker chips, t-shirts and clean graffiti that was sprayed onto pavements across London in the run-up to the annual Poker in the Park event held in Leicester Square.