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A full-featured production and animation studio based in France, with offices in LA (US) and Beijing (China), and work featured on Cartoon Network US, Super RTL, Canal+, Disney Jr., France 5 and Netflix. TeamTo is a pioneer in its approach to environmental sustainability within the industry, adhering to ECOPROD and contributing to the development of a carbon calculator specific to animation productions. Their production, Plankton Invasion being the first animated show to document its carbon footprint in its credits.

Yellowbird is an adaptation by Cory Edwards and award-winning director Christian De Vita and features the voices of Seth Green (Family Guy, Austin Powers, The Italian Job) and Dakota Fanning (War of the Worlds, I am Sam, Man on Fire).

Yellowbird is a charming adventure about Gus, a tiny orphaned bird with no extended family whose desire to fulfil his destiny takes him on a journey of self-belief, faith and trust. In his desperate search for a family, he unexpectedly finds himself leading a flock on their annual migration to Africa when the veteran migration guide and elder of the flock, Darius, gets injured by a cat. Gus is on hand to hear Darius’ final secrets of the flight and with no previous experience of migration, he must confront his fears follow his instincts and learn fast to take on the role as the new leader of the flock.