Project Description

Worldwide Currencies


Brand Identity
Digital Design
Editorial Design
Environmental Graphics
Film & Motion Graphics

‘A well-established London-based foreign exchange company, assisting with every aspect of foreign currency trading, including strategic planning and monitoring. Worldwide Currencies cater to both corporate and private clients and offer highly efficient and accurate payment facilities regardless of the purpose or size of the transaction.

The new identity reflects the expansion of the brand and strengthens its position within a fiercely competitive industry. The design is easily recognisable and includes unique graphics tailor-made for the financial services provided. The visual identity works for both off- and online platforms and the newly developed software applications create the perfect navigation tool for the end-user.

The new online platform was made fully responsive and includes an integrated software featuring multiple FX tools which enables it to offer all major business services required – including live currency rates. Foreign exchange is a highly saturated market so strong brand identity, evolving technology and excellent user experiences are all essential to succeed in the industry.

“Thank you for all your help. As a company, we’re really impressed with the ideas that you come up with to improve our business – it’s amazing, it’s brilliant and it’s much appreciated. It’s so good to be ahead of the competition.”