We are entering our sixth week of lockdown in the UK, and some of our global neighbours are slowly starting to lift restrictions. Everyone is at different stages of the infamous curve, but the world is watching in anticipation; anxiously daring to feel some degree of excitement.

In our sixth week, the new normal is no longer ‘news’, and daily routines are slowly starting to settle in. Working from home is the dream for many, but as we all know by now – ‘home office during lockdown’ is a very different ballgame. Everyone’s situation is different, and it takes time to find a system that works for your household, but we are getting there. The world keeps spinning, and society – although at a slower pace – keeps moving. Wherever possible; life must go on, work must continue, and deadlines must be met. We are fortunate in that our work allows for flexible and fluid working hours, which can assist in providing a better balance for productivity.

Our four-legged security officers are all extremely content with the lockdown. There is considerably less guarding to do. Apart from keeping an eye on the poor postman and chasing the odd squirrel – who seem to have discovered new-found freedom – there is considerably more time to explore new sleeping environments and have some prolonged naps. For most of us, the biggest challenge with a home office during lockdown is probably the constant interruptions from little ones accompanied by their age-appropriate educational projects. It is incredibly difficult at times, but there is no fighting it, for the first time – in our generation’s history – the world understands.

The team at BakerWilcox is still working and happily adapting to whichever communication tools and time schedules that suit our clients best. You name it, and we will work around your requirements. The team has even acquired some self-proclaimed ‘junior designer’ – although we are not sure their work is client-friendly yet…