Lulu is a Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix, born into a large family in the South East of England. She was adopted by a family member in Tunbridge Wells at an early age, and although she loves being the head of the household she also enjoys frequent visits from her extended family.

Lulu might be small, but what she be lacks in height she makes up in personality. She thrives in her role as security officer and takes her responsibilities very seriously. She is a sophisticated lady with a no-nonsense approach to life – whether it entails managing the local postman or intimidating the ignorant squirrels invading her territory. Her attitude is unwavering and as a newcomer you have to work hard to be worthy of her approval. However, once part of the pack her Jack Russel ancestry will emerge and she will be forever generous with her charm and affection.

Outside the office, Lulu maintains her laissez-faire and independent attitude towards her surroundings sphere. The pack remains her focus and she is at the happiest strengthen their bond and garnering her owner’s full attention. Based in Tunbridge Wells, she enjoys long walks in the countryside intimidating unsuspecting wildlife and lazy days on the lawn, conspiring against her archenemies, the squirrels.