Marcus Zanona
Full Stack Developer

Marcus joined BakerWilcox as Full Stack Developer in 2009, with a primary focus on interactive systems which enhance the way users interact with technology. Marcus holds an infectious passion for technology and the new advances available to improve online interactions including user journeys and experiences. His curiosity, perseverance and natural desire to enhance his skill-sets enables him to indulge in system architecture and browser capabilities – including UX research/implementation and engineering/development of elaborate online platforms.

With the previous experience of running his own company, Marcus appreciates the operational structure of a business, and his dedication and methodical approach to any project makes his contribution to the team unwavering.

He understands the importance of design and is always sensitive to the client’s brand guidelines. Working closely with the design team he applies his technological knowledge to the project ensuring the design offers optimal user experiences while retaining its visual integrity. His extensive knowledge of the options available and his ability to bridge the design/developer divide offers clients a unique perspective on how their projects can be brought to life.

Marcus holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Design, however his passion for web development superseded his degree and he worked five years as a fully operational website developer before graduating in 2006.

Outside working hours, Marcus is an avid sports and health advocate. He is a strong believer in the importance of exercising both body and mind, and balances his physical achievements with mindfulness and meditation. With a natural passion for technological advances he also thoroughly enjoys retro video games where he can indulge in the simplicity of great and timeless design made by talented developers.