Alfie is a Cuban breed, but was born in Somerset and moved to London as a puppy. He loves being a city dweller with all its irresistible corners and obscure scents.

In the office he is happiest sharing someone’s chair and often – if allowed – their lunch too. He absolutely loves a treat and is generous with his high-fives if there is something edible lurking around. However, his metropolitan upbringing shines through when a stranger offers him a treat – no offence intended, but he will turn it down.

Although he takes his security role very seriously, he tries to keep barking to a minimum as his charm tends to win him more cuddles. And for this exact reason he also favours the tube where – with his heartthrob looks – he will command the attention of anyone whom might seem ever so slightly willing to give up their screen time.

The Havanese were originally bread as companion dogs to the Cuban aristocracy in the 1800s, however they are surprisingly energetic and outside his office hours Alfie is always up for family walks or runs in the park. That is, if it does not rain! True to his Caribbean heritage he is not a fan of the British weather and if wet, he will always favour snuggles on the sofa with his literally loved-to-bits best friend Ted.