Nancy Gallup
Creative Designer

Nancy joined BakerWilcox as Creative Designer in 2017, and has a unique passion for calligraphy, illustration and typography. She recognises their historical importance and thrives on transforming them into modern communication tools for the projects she is working on. Nancy also has extensive experience in re-touching which sets her apart on projects which include challenging re-touching works. With expert skills she progresses through projects which present themselves as near-impossible and delivers results which exceed expectations.

Nancy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from the University College for the Creative Arts in Canterbury. Nancy started her career working as a Graphic Designer at the head office of Trowbridge Gallery, a supplier of fine art prints to the interior design trade. Following three successful years at Trowbridge, Nancy entered the world of freelancing allowing her to pursue new challenges and expand her skillsets further. In 2016, her curiosity and passion for the unconventional secured her a role as Creative Manager at reputable laser cutting agency, Patternise. With projects ranging from large volume corporate briefs to smaller personal events, the role allowed her to acquire extensive knowledge of the laser cutting industry.

Outside the office, Nancy enjoys live music, yoga and long walks in the countryside. She is an avid reader and always carries her trusted book with her. In keeping with her passion for the creative world she also enjoys frequent visits to the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, where she finds inspiration and ingenuity in the history of human creativity and in the brilliance of their exquisite exhibitions.